Pro Guitar Lessons in Woodstock, London and surrounding areas

Lessons - Pro Guitar Lessons and Instruction

Become The Best Guitar Player & Musician You Can Be

Lesson Studio Learn from an experienced instructor and performer that has attended and studied at California's renowned Guitar Institute (G.I.T) and has been a professional touring musician for over 16 years.

My lessons offer a wide range of guitar and music related content. From strumming campfire classics to mastering the fret board including all relevant Harmony and Theory.

Lessons are tailored to the individuals needs and experience level then gradually increase with practical studies and exercises designed to turn you into the player you want to be.

Those who will be taking one on one lessons will enjoy learning in a comfortable and professional teaching studio set up with music software programs and many accessories to help with productive and quick learning.

Guitar and Music instruction in southwestern Ontario Canada

Lesson Content Includes:

  • Various guitar styles including Rock, Blues, Acoustic, metal, classical, country, jazz
  • Learning your favourite artists songs on the spot with sheet music print outs
  • Reading basics, standard notation and Tab
  • Rhythm and Lead playing studies
  • Chord Harmonizing, Maj and Min Triads, 7ths, extensions and alterations
  • Scale Theory including Modes, major and minor Pentatonic, Blues, Harmonic and Melodic minor
  • Chord and scale relationships and substitutions
  • Improvising concepts, lead and rhythm
  • Key centers
  • Intervals
  • Ear training
  • Guitar maintenance
  • Guitar Gear, amps and effects
  • Music industry business
  • Playing in a band
  • and much much more!
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